Introduction: How to Make FOOSBALL Table Board Game From Cardboard DIY at HOME

Watch the complete video for a detailed tutorial!

Materials you will need


-Glue gun

-A3 size sheet

-BBQ stick

-Green velvet paper

-Different coloured paints

-Sharp pencil

-White chart paper

-Foldable Cardboard

-White board marker

-Small plastic ball

Step 1: Take Cardboard Pieces With Measurements As Shown in the Image and Glue Them Together As Shown.

Step 2: Make Circular Cardboard Cutouts and Glue Them on the Top of the Above Made Figures As Shown.

Step 3: Make More Such Similar Figures and Paint Them As Desired. These Will Be Used As the Football Players for Your Game.

Step 4: Take a Cardboard Piece of 92cm*50cm, and Further Glue Cardboard Pieces to It With the Measurements As Shown in the Images.

Step 5: Use the Green Velvet Paper As Shown As the Football Field.

Step 6: Keep the BBQ Stick at One End of A3 Size Paper, and Roll the Paper Over the Stick As Shown.

Step 7: Now, Remove Half of the Stick From the Paper Roll, and Insert This Half Into Another Paper Rolled Similarly. Follow This Process As Shown in the Images, and 3 Such Rolled Papers Will Form One Long Stick. Form 6 Such Sticks.

Step 8: Cut the White Chart Paper Into Strips to Make the Markings on the Football Field

Step 9: Use the Sharp Pencil to Make Holes in the Players and the Cardboard As Shown.

Step 10: Using Cardboard Pieces, Make 4 Blocks of Height 8cm As Shown. Place Them Below the 4 Corners of the Football Field Respectively, As Shown.

Step 11: Use Cardboard Pieces to Make Goalposts As Shown.

Step 12: Insert the Sticks Through the Cardboard and the Players As Shown.

Step 13: Using the White Board Marker, Give the Plastic Ball the Design of a Football.

Step 14: Glue Foldable Cardboard to One End of 3 Sticks, and the Other End of the Remaining 3, Which Will Be Used As the Handle.

Step 15: Your Very Own Football Game Is Ready to Get Underway!

Step 16: Watch the Complete Video Tutorial!