Introduction: How to Make Fashion White Pearl Beads Drop Earrings for Wedding

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Today, I will tell you how to make fashion white pearl beads drop earrings for wedding in this article below, just follow me and have a try. Pearl beads drop earrings are very popular, for they can show your peculiar temperament. Today’s ornaments are made with easy materials, which can be found on Pandahall quickly. This pair of white pearl beads drop earrings can be wore on wedding party, they just fit your white wedding dress.

Step 1: Supplies in Making Fashion White Pearl Beads Drop Earrings:

10MM Pearl Beads

8MM Pearl Beads

4MM Pearl Beads

17MM Brass Earring Hooks

3.5CM Iron Headpins

5MM Iron Headpins

Brass Bead Caps

Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Bead Basic Patterns

1st, slide a brass bead cap, a 10mm pearl bead, and another brass bead cap on the 5cm iron headpin, and make a loop in the end;

2nd, pick a 3.5cm iron headpin and slide a 4mm pearl bead, a 8mm and a 4mm pearl bead on it;

3rd, repeat step 2 to make two more base.

Step 3: Finish the White Pearl Beads Dangle Earrings

1st, link these four basic patterns together;

2nd, then attach earring hooks and finish the pearl drop earrings.

Step 4:

Now, it’s the final look of this fashion white pearl beads drop earrings for wedding. They are very easy to made, aren’t they?

Step 5:

All steps that I have mentioned are not difficult, right? If you will go to a friend’s wedding party, then you can have this pair of white pearl beads drop earrings as a gift. Of course, you can make them for you own. Do not hesitate, have a try.