Introduction: How to Make Friendship Bracelets Quickly

About: Hi it's Dianaflowers and I enjoy running, biking, exercising, and doing arts and crafts. One of my favorite things to do is going to the lake and eating hamburgers. I started getting into arts and crafts since…

Hello, this is Dianaflowers, and I like to do arts and crafts. I enjoy running, exercising, roller skating, and I love dogs. Mainly, I am doing this instructable so people are able to make amazing friendship bracelets for cheap at home. Not only that, but they look complicated when they really aren't. I always wanted to know how to make them and now that I finally do, I want to teach others. In the Instructable, I will be talking about one of the easiest ways of making these bracelets. You choose two strands of colored string and you switch out the method on each side. It sounds complicated but it really isn't.

Step 1: Choose Two Colors of String

  • Choose two colors of string
  • Cut 15 inches of the strings
  • Make sure that both strands of string are aligned and even

Step 2: Make a Loop

  • Take the 1 inch of the string and make a loop

Step 3: Make the Knot

  • Get the string and put it through the loophole
  • Make sure to leave space at the top of the knot

Step 4: Tape the Top Above the Knot and Take the First Strand of String

  • Get your tape and tape the top
  • Take the first strand of string (choose whichever one you would like)

Step 5: Make a "4" Shape With Your Strand of String

  • Get the first strand of string and grab it with your thumb and pointer finger
  • Using your other hand bring the string and make sure it goes around the finger
  • Looks like a four
  • Make sure the string is over the other

Step 6: Bring the String Through the “4” Space

  • Bring the end through the “4” space
  • Pull the string

Step 7: Bring the Knot Upwards

  • As you pull the string, pull it upwards so there isn't a gap

Step 8: Repeat Steps 7-12 on the Other Stand of String

Step 9: Leave a 1-2 Inch of String

Step 10: Tie the Bracelet Like a “shoe Lace”

Step 11: You Are Finished!

Step 12: (Not a Step) the Video on the Bracelet