Introduction: How to Make Heart Shutter Card

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This shutter heart card tutorial is going to be easy to learn and follow along. It may look harder than it really is, but once you see how it is done, you will have no problems creating these on your own after seeing how this greeting card is put together.


Step 1: Base of the Card

Start off with the base of the card scored and folded.

Dotted lines on the template mean scoring.

Solid lines mean cut.

Step 2: Cut Out Card Mats

Cut out card mats for the card base.

You can glue the card mats on the outside or inside of the card base.

Step 3: Shutter and Middle Pieces

Cut out heart shutter middle pieces and cut out heart shutter middle piece.

Score and fold the top and bottom of the middle piece for the shutter card.

Score and fold shutter edges.

Glue the first scored edge of the middle piece, do the same with bottom part of middle piece.

Make sure the glue doesn't get on the second folds of the middle piece for the top and bottom.

Glue down the center column heart piece top and bottom edges to the middle of the card base.

Step 4: Picture

Take a picture or image that you want to put in the card and line it in the center of the heart.

Step 5: Shutter

Take both shutter pieces and make sure its scored and glued at the end.

(Skip video to 2:35 for better viewing how to stick on shutters.)

Once glued, tuck it under the center column piece and have the half heart lined up to the full heart. Press down when you are satisfied with positioning. do the same with shutter piece

Make sure the shutters do not get in the way of the fold on the card base.

Step 6: Finish