Introduction: How to Make High Toned Lace Choker

High toned lace choker, I am sure you want to know the DIY steps for the choker. Well, it’s quite simple and you can make it yourself at home! Just by grabing some necessary tools and things required for making of this classy choker!
So, let us start with the first step in making of this Oppulent choker.

Step 1: Things Required for Making:

1. Lace Fabric
2. Needle and Thread 3. Two tips 4. Some Golden balls 5. Lobsters 6. Thin chains 7. Few pin heads 8. Scissor 9. Cutting tool 10. Nose plier 11. Inch Tape 12. Golden metal beads 13. Golden Chain

Step 2: Grab the Lace and Get Started

First thing first, measure your neck size by an inch tape. Once you are done measuring your neck size then cut the same amount of lace from the roll and fix it with the tips on both the ends, as shown above. Once you are done with this part then start knitting the golden metal bead on the lace, this part is optional. In case you want to make it look more creative then you can use the golden metal beads on the lace if not then it can be skipped.

Step 3: Hang the Chain and Golden Balls

Now that you are done with the first step it is time to jump down to the next step immediately. Take few golden balls, hook and nose plier. Now start handing the golden balls with help of nose plier, once you are done hanging the golden balls then measure the space of the balls and pick thin golden snake chains and dangle it from one end to another of the golden balls. Once this is completed, we are through with the second step.

Step 4: Adjusting the Choker

Now the creative part is completed, so let us come to the third and fundamental step, which is adjusting this beautiful choker. Pick golden chains and with the help of nose plier fix the chains on the tips of both the corners, once the chains are fixed, adjust the lobster on one side and adjuster on the other side with the help of nose plier tool again. And you choker is ready in five simple steps.

Step 5: Wow! Get Ready to Flaunt the New Style.

you are all set with the choker and ready to exhibit your style, this easy DIY choker can get you flooded with compliments. But remember be careful while using the tools like scissor, nose plier or etc. Do not harm yourself while creating this. Well, this classy choker seems so desirable. What are you still waiting for now? Team up with a charming dress and head out!