Introduction: How to Make Homemade Cleaning Wipes With Holder

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My Baby M is a disaster when it’s time to eat. We get mushed strawberries or cheese all over the place. I like his high chair to be clean, but I don’t like to use Clorox or Lysol wipes on a surface that he is going to eat on. So I thought these homeade cleaning wipes would be perfect!

Here’s the original pin: but there are a million on Pinterest with lots of different ways to do it. This one is pinned to the OUTFOX board!

Here’s a before and after picture of the high chair and a picture of the final project (you can make it prettier than I just did). Actually, this is one of the least messy meals he’s had so the contrast isn't as severe:

Step 1: Buy a Container and Cut Hole in the Lid

Make sure to find a big enough container that will fit a half roll (or full if you are ambitious) of paper towels.  I found this AWESOME container for about $4. It already has a hole in the top! These can be found at grocery stores or other good stores.

Cut a hole in the top of the lid if you don't find one with a hole already.  I had to use a knife to scrape around the edges and make it a little bit bigger so the towels would fit through the hole. It was just a generic grocery store brand. (Don’t mind our cheesy 50’s countertops. Renters can’t be choosers.)

Step 2: Cut Roll of Paper Towels in Half to Fit Container

Next, take a knife, saw or other means to cut the paper towels in half.  You should have 2 toilet paper size rolls now.  Cutting the paper towels was a bit of a disaster, but it worked! I used a serrated bread knife which cut faster, but it left a huge mess. Any ideas on how to get a cleaner cut?

A band saw if available is fast and usually clean :)

Step 3: Pour Selected Cleaning Liquid and Remove Cardboard Tube

Next, you need to choose the cleaning components.  This will be the biggest cause for question... since everyone prefers different levels of chemicals if at all.  I used Windex Multisurface. This one is NOT the antibacterial, just the regular made with vinegar.

Once the roll was placed in the container, I poured my chosen solution over all the roll in the container. I used almost the whole bottle, but you can be more conservative if you wait for the solution to be soaked up by the paper towels.

After the towels are soaked and lighten the grip on the cardboard tube, pull it straight out.  It is ok if the towels pull a bit because we are making it to pull from the center rather than the edges.

Step 4: Pull Up the Center Through the Lid and Replace on Container... Done!

Since the cardboard tube was gone, I pulled out the center towel and stuck it through the lid! The first few tore to pieces, so I made the hole bigger and it worked like a charm. The ONLY thing I would do differently is use less cleaner. These babies are SOAKED. I might leave the lid off or pour out some of the extra in the bottom until you get the right mix. They cleaned the high chair like a champ without yucky stuff in Clorox or other dangerous chemicals, but I still had to take a dry paper towel and wipe it off. I think it’s because I used so much cleaner!

This was a great project! It works just the same as spraying and wiping, but who has two hands to hold a bottle and a towel? This will be a really fast way to wipe down the high chair after particularly messy meals. There are lots of pins with lots of recipes for different kinds of wipes, so browse for some if this particular one doesn’t work. And happy cleaning!