Introduction: How to Make Joker Dancing on Stairs Diorama | DIY Graffiti Wall Art.

Welcome to my new tutorial.I tried to make Graffiti art on it. I used polymer clay for making a sculpture. Polymer clay gives amazing result after baking.

Hope you loved this video and will try to make it. If you have any feedback or suggestions please drop a comment to let us know.


Polymer clay, Plaster of Paris,

Styrofoam, acrylic colors,

epoxy resin and blue pigment.

Step 1: Work With Polymer Clay

I used polymer clay for making of joker. I tried to make step by step tutorial to understand the sculpture. I hope its easy way to understand.For more details you have to watch the video.

Step 2: Making of Stairs

I used Styrofoam for stairs. Plaster of Paris is best for base and hold the stairs on upward position . I used mixture of PVA glue,distemper and wall primer.After dry the surface, sandpaper is used for smooth surface .Now apply grey MID color on all steps.I draw Graffiti Wall Art on it.To fix the joker I used epoxy resin.

Step 3: Final Pics

Here are few beautiful pictures of my project.

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