Introduction: How to Make LED Earrings

I wanted to make some Seahawks Green and Blue earrings for my wife, daughter and granddaughters for watching the games. None of the designs I found worked very well, the LED's came loose or pointed odd directions. I designed an LED/coin battery holder to hold both pieces in place and attach to an earring blank.


CR1220 coin battery

Pierced or clam shell earrings

Color LEDs of your choice

3D printed LED/Coin battery holder - Posted to Thingverse

Step 1: Print the LED/Coin Battery Holder

Download and print the design from Thingverse here: LED/coin battery holder

The earring blanks can be found on Amazon here: Pierced and Clamshell.

Step 2: Attach the Holder to the Earring Blank

Use hot glue or super glue to attach the holder to the pierced or clamshell earring blank.

Step 3: Insert the LED and Coin Battery

Insert the LED from the bottom through the holes, and the coin battery from the top and the LED will light. The longer LED leg will be + and short one -. Make sure align the legs and the battery +/- correctly. You may need to bend the legs slightly to the sides to get contact.

Step 4: Attach to Ear and Enjoy

Pull the LED out remove the battery and turn the earring off.