Introduction: How to Make Marzipans?

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Hello guys, in this instructable i will show you my way of making Marzipans. So sit down, watch the videos, thistime english spoken, and enjoy.

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials.

To make Marzipans you will need the following items:

  1. Powder Milk x 2 Cup.
  2. Powder Sugar x 1 Cup.
  3. Sweetened Milk.
  4. Almond Flavour.
  5. Vegetable Dyes.
  6. Bowl x 1.
  7. Strainer x 1.
  8. Kitchen Jar with Measures.

Be sure to have all of these things before you start doing the Marzipans!!!

Step 2: Mixing the Powder Milk and the Powder Sugar

the first thing you have to do is to put 2 cups of powder milk into the bowl, then pour 1 cup of powder sugar into the bowl, but passing it through a strainer. To get the exact amounts of powder milk and sugar use the kitchen jar with measuments. Once you have done it, mix the whole thing with your hands or with a spoon.

Step 3: Adding the Sweetened Milk to the Mix

After you have mixed the powder milk and powder sugar, you have to add a littel bit of sweetened milk, it could be a half spoon. When you have done it, with your hand begin to mix the whole thing again, at this point the sweetened milk will begin to form a compact mass, firts it will be sticky, but as you mix with the whole powder stuff the mass will become less sticky. Be carefull no to add to much sweetened milk if you see the mass too hard, otherwise you could blow the mass making it too sticky and soft. The objective with this step is to get a compact mass, no too sticky, and in a middle spot between hard and soft. Watch the video too see how i did it and to see the consistency of the mass at the rigth spot.

Step 4: Flavouring the Mass.

Keep mashing the mass and make sure every little piece that could be reamining on the bowl be one with your big piece of mass. Now make a hole into the mass, grab the almond flavour and add half or less of a tiny spoon. Once you done it, keep mashing the mass to make flavour it. With the almond flavour applied to the mass will make it softer, and that's good. Now the mass should have the consistency of the clay, so you can form figures with it. Again watch the video to see how it is done!!

Step 5: Color the Mass, the Final Chapter!!

Now that you mass is done, grab any vegetable dye, the color that you prefer, or the color that you need, for example if you are going to make lemons, you should use green, and if you wanna make bannas you use yellow. Make a hole into the mass, and add 4 to 8 drops of vegetable dyer. Mash again the mass in order it color itself, if you need more color, add more vegetable dye drops. When you are satisfied with the color of your mass, you can form the figures you want. To maintain the hardness of the Marzipans, you should keep them refrigerated. Watch the video!!

Thanks for reading the instructable and watching the videos, and i hope you can make the Marzipans too!! If you have any doubt post it on the comments and i will be happy to help you. Happy baking.