Introduction: How to Make: Origami Triangles

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Learn how to make little small origami triangles, how to fold it in steps!


You only do need:
- paper of course (Better use thicker instead of thin)
- Something to cut the paper with (you can use a scissor, special knife or an paper-cutter machine)

Step 1: STEP 1: Pieces Paper

The very first step is:
Choose paper which you wanna use, which color(s) you want etc.

TIP: If you're using A-4's then you can easily make exactly 32 small pieces from it, without working with a pencil and ruler > Place the A4 in front of you > Fold the paper half once, both sides > Then from both sides half again > Make everything open as an A4 again > Till you have/count in total 32 pieces, it's done and then you can from this starting with cutting these pieces all out!

Step 2: STEP 2: Folding the Triangle Pieces

When you're finishing with cutting all pieces out, you can start with folding the small little triangles!

As you can see on the picture is the first thing you fold from down to up once > Then fold once from left to right > Open once till you have a half again > Then fold both sides half/half to up > Now turn around and fold by both sides the two corners (see picture) > Now fold the down two pieces to up > And as last you fold it once half/half and voila, you have made an triangle now!

Step 3: STEP 3: What to Make!?

If you don't know what to make or want a example, when you look around on the internet you'll find enough fun and nice figures to make! (;

(Search for example for: 3D Origami Patterns or 3D Origami Figures)