Introduction: How to Make Pumpkin From Steven Universe

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This is how I made my beautiful baby girl pumpkin. The steps are a bit all over the pace as I didn't really have a plan going to it.

Step 1: Building the Body

To start off I cut some foam board insulation into squares with a box cutter, I then cut off the corners to turn it into ovals. Pumpkin is sort of a fat oval shap so I tried my hardest to get that shape. I cut a total of 5 circles as well as using an old project for the top and bottom peices, I made sure to make each shap smaller then the last so I would save on foam waste. Everything was glued together with hot glue and the large holes were filled with scrap peices of foam.

Step 2: Sanding

Once I have the rough shape I used my hot knife to smooth and steps and edges, this could also be done with a box cutter however it will take longer. Once the shape is good sand it out with fine grit sandpaper. I wasn't careful with cutting and gluing the foam so I ended up with lots of gaps but those will get fixed later

Step 3: Details

Once the body is in its proper shape I used sandpaper to carve out the lines. This was done by folding the paper in half and running it down the foam to make a deep line. I then sanded down each side of the line to make the edges round, this in turn makes it a sort of valley shape. It's sort of hard to explain but the goal is to make 8 valley. Once the valleys were made I carved out a rough oval on the top and bottom and used my knife to pick away the foam till I had a good shape, make sure the top dip is deeper then the bottom. Then I sanded it till it was smooth. Lastly I carved and picked out some eyes and a mouth, once again sanding once I was happy with the shape and depth.

Step 4: Legs and Stem

Next we move onto sculpting the legs and stem out of air dry clay, make sure the legs are blended into the foam body so it looks seamless but the stem should not be. Remember to use water to help blend and smooth the clay, once you are finished sculpting coat in well in water to keep it from cracking.

Step 5: Cover in Caulking

Nex I removed the legs and stem and began to try and fix my holes buy covering her in caulking. I started by squeezing out about walk a tube of caulking and covered her with it using my hands and water to smooth it all out, I added the legs and stem back on although they did not stay that well. Once the first coat had dried I went back in and patched up a few areas as well as added some to the legs and blended it into the body to keep them on. The stem will be added later

Step 6: Painting and Details

Lastly I moved onto detail work, I started by painting her all orange and starting to build her leaf. This was done by painting a ribbon green and cutting out a leaf shape out of craft foam and painting that green as well. Once dry I glued the ribbon and leaf together and moved onto attaching it. I painted my stem green and filled her top dip with caulking, I added the ribbon first then the stem itself. Lastly I painted the details on her face by adding yellow to her eyes and the edge in her mouth, I also painted the inside if her mouth a deep red.