Introduction: Star Lords Walkman

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This is how I made Star Lords Walkman, this was a fairly straightforward build and lots of fun to make.

Step 1: Template

The first thing I did for this build was to make a template since this would be based off an actual walkman the Tps-l2. I have written all the measurements down for you however they can be googled. I also printed a picture just for reference.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Walkman

The next thing I did was trace out a rectangle according to my measurements and cut it out, I also cut a notch out of the side for buttons that will be added later. Everything got sanded so it was nice and smooth and sanded one of the sides so it was rounded.

Step 3: Cut Out Details

I then cut out all of my detailing out of craft foam making sure to look at a photo of the Walkman and my template. The front cover piece should be long enough to wrap around the corner of the Walkman and the side in that area should be a bit shorter. I also cut a hole in the back so I could make a tab. This was done by cutting two small pieces of foam to glue into the hole in a V shape. The rest of the pieces were cut out according to the template i had made Lastly, I sculpted some buttons out of oven bake clay with wires stuck into them so they could be firmly attached later.

Step 4: Adding the Cassette

I made a fake cassette by printing off a picture of the Awesome mix cassette tape and glueing it onto the foam. I then cut out a rectangle of clear plastic I had gotten off a package and glued that over it, Lastly, I glued the foam cover over it.

Step 5: Gluing All the Details On

I then started to glue everything on, For the top piece I made sure to poke holes for the headphones with a pencil. I also had to punch a hole in the bottom of the side with a hole punch and cut a hole out for the "sliding" buttons. I attached the buttons last and glued a small piece of wire in the middle of the hole on the bottom of the side

Step 6: Painting

I then painted everything black first then I added tape and painted the silver on. Afterwards I punched holes with a pencil to make the speaker holes and wrote with a thin black marker for any black markings on the sliver. Finally, I painted on the blue and orange, I painted on the silver details on the blue with a pencil.

Step 7: Adding a Clip

I added a clip so by bending a binder clip open and removing the wings of it. I also cutting a strip of foam to cover it. I painted them both blue and glued them on.