Introduction: How to Make Simple, Elegant CARNATION Flowers.

Hi, thanks for coming onto this instructable.

This instructable tells you how to make simple but elegant carnation flowers.

I am sharing this because I thought that it could brighten someones day and make someone happy. I hope you enjoy making these flowers and I hope they create a splash of happiness and color into your day. These could also be used for a present to make someone else happy,or just for you to enjoy in your home.

Other ways to use these could be:

-Decoration for a party or gathering

-Wedding flowers!

-Decoration for your hair

-Decoration for your house

Step 1: What Do You Need to Make These Carnations?

- 2 or 3 ply toilet paper (white preferably) -

- Colored felt tips -

- Some thin wire (you may want this to be green) -

- See through sellotape, if possible -

- You may need some scissors -

Step 2: How to Start Off Your Carnation Flower?

Get five pieces of your 2ply toilet roll and put them on top of each other so they are level.

Step 3: How to Start the Petals?

To start the petals of the carnation, fold over the toilet paper 3-4 times, (see picture) this is like making a fan, or is called an accordion fold.

Step 4: How to Make the Petals, (cont)?

The next step is to fold the toilet paper in half so the top of open ends of the toilet paper are at the top and the fold is at the bottom, (see picture).

Step 5: The Next Step...

The next think to do is to get your sellotape (see through if poss) and take off a short length of it (see pic), then wrap it around the folded end of the fan you have made and folded in half, this is to secure the bottom of the fan so it does not come undone while working, and so the finished product does not get wrecked.

Step 6: How to Color Your Carnation?

The next step is how to color your carnation.

To start, choose a color that you want your carnation to be.

Then pinch the open ends of your carnation flower together, quite hard, then start to color the ends with your chosen color, do not color the whole flower, just the ends, try to get it so when you look at the flower from the top, you cannot see any white (see picture).

Step 7: Flowering Out the Petals...

This section is slightly harder, basically what we are doing now is making the petals of the flower.

What you need to do is find each section of the tissue and pull each one out carefully, with your hands, if it rips slightly don't worry as it will add to the effect of the flower, but don't TRY to do this:)

Pull every section out so that all off them are flowered out, and then move onto the next step.

Step 8: Making the Carnation More 'full' and 'big'...

To do this step, you basically have to do the same as the step before. The difference is, you have to separate each 'ply' in the tissue, so if there was just one 2 ply tissue you would separate it so there was two really thin pieces of tissue. Do this with all of the pieces of tissue, there should be double the amount of layers of tissue at the end.

This takes a little bit of time, but in the end it looks good and looks more effective.

Step 9: Doing the Other Side of the Tissue...

For this step you just have to do exactly the same as you did for the other side of the tape/tissue.

Step 10: Making the Flower Look More Big and Better.

As you will see he tissue on the different sides of the tape are separate, to make this look better, bring the two sides together with your fingers, carefully pulling them together so they look like one, this is quite easy to do and won't take long.

Step 11: Add the Stem.

To add the stem, you have to get the green wire and hold the tape and wrap the wire around the tape, then straighten the wire, this is the flower done!!!!

Step 12: Finish!!!

Yay, your carnation is finished, LMK if you like it!!!

Make lots more to make a nice big bunch.

I hope you enjoyed making it/them and I hope that all my instructions made sense!!:)

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