Introduction: How to Make Small Stars With Quilling Strips

Quilling strips can be used to make many kinds of crafts other than quilling. Here I have used quilling strips of various colors to make small stars which you can use for decoration on special occasions.

Please see the instructable on How to make these small stars using quilling strips

Step 1: Supplies Needed

  • Quilling strips of different colors
  • Glue

Step 2: Make Three Corners of Star

  • Take one edge of the quilling strip in your left hand and make a loop as shown in picture 2
  • Tighten the loop and you will have one corner of star (refer Picture 3)
  • Make another loop and corner which will be about one third distance from the first one. When you make the loop, it will automatically come to the one third portion, no need to make any adjustments
  • Lastly, make the third loop and tighten to make the third corner. If you see the 6th picture with red colored strip, you can see all three corners are placed at equal distance.
  • Make one more round of looping over the already done three cornered star. Now the loops will get firm and will not slip out from their position.

Please see the last two pictures for reference

Step 3: Make Other Three Corners

  • If you see the first picture, the free end of quilling strip is almost at the center of two of the corners.
  • Hold the half-done star in your hand and make a loop in between, tighten it and make the 4th corner
  • Continue and make 5th and 6th corners

Step 4: Finish Star

  • Weave one more round over the second set of corners and finish the star
  • Apply glue at the back side and stick the free end
  • If you are finding it difficult to bring the quilling strip to the center between two corners, trim and glue to the required position

Step 5: Decorate Your Wall With Small Stars

Make stars with different colored quilling strips. Leave the excess length of strip attached to the stars

Stick the stars on the wall or decorate where ever you wish with these stars on any special occasion and enjoy...

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