Introduction: How to Make Vase|Paper Vase|Easy Vase|Balloon Vase|Egg Shells Vase

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Step 1: Inflated Balloon,PVA Glue and News Paper

Take an inflated balloon then apply PVA glue on news paper and paste it on the balloon

Step 2: Cover the Balloon

Cover the balloon with news paper

Step 3: Let It Dry

Let it dry.After words place a bowl on the balloon and draw a circle

Step 4: Cut the Circle

Cut the circle

Step 5: Plster of Paris

Cover the balloon with plaster of paris and let it dry

Step 6: Sand Paper

Level it with the help of sand paper

Step 7: Black Paint

Apply black paint on the vase an let it dry

Step 8: Egg Shells

Take some broken egg shells and place them on the vase with the help of PVA glue

Step 9: Ready

Our project is ready