Introduction: How to Make a Wooden RoadSign

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I needed to do that, people park their car just in front of my garage, that's not fair :D

I invite you to watch my video to understand better how I made it. Nothing complicated.

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Thanks for watching.

Step 1: What You Need to Make Your Own

- a piece of scrap wood

- handplane

- a rasp or a spokeshave

- a handsaw or a bandsaw

- masking tape

- a cutter

- paint spray

- a roadsign pattern

Step 2: Video About How I Made It

First of all I took a piece of scrap out of pin. I hand saw it until the right thickness. After that I handplaned it to make it flat. Then I used a rasp to round it approximatelly.

I sanded it, and put a coat of woodsealer. Then I paint everything red with a spray paint.

Next, I covered everything with my masking tape and then I glued my pattern and cut it with a cutter.

and to finish I sprayed it whith white paint and I put 2 coats of varnish.