Introduction: How to Make Your Own Elf on the Shelf Doll!

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Hi again! This is a tutorial on how to make your own elf on the shelf doll! You can make it if you just like crafting, or if you don't wanna buy one, if you are cheap ;) Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

Sewing scissors

Sewing machine


Brush pens

Good, thick felt, not floppy, or else it'll be hard to draw on, in whatever colors you want for the skin, hair, and clothes

Step 2: The Head

Cut out 2 same-size head-shaped pieces of felt (One in the hair color for the back of the head, and one in skin color for the front), and put them on top of each other. Take a piece of hair-color felt and, if you want bangs, fold over the top of the hair color felt onto the forehead, so it overlaps. Cut out the shape of the hair you want, and leave it on the back of the head. If you don't want bangs, skip the overlapping part and just cut out the hair. Secure with a clothespin on the top of the head. Use the brush pens to draw the face. Don't touch the newly-drawn face, or else the marker will smear. Wait about 10 to 15 minutes to touch it. Til' then, avoid it.

Step 3: The Clothes

Cut out 2 same-size pieces for the dress, or shirt if you like, stack them, then cut 1 pair of legs and arms (You don't have to add hands) and sandwich them between the two shirt/dress pieces.

Step 4: The Shoes

Cut out 2 same-size elf shoes and place them as shown.

Step 5: The Hat

Cut out 2 same-size triangles that will look like as shown, stack them, and cut out a little white decoration for it.

Step 6: Decorate

If things are looking too plain, decorate with brush pens and maybe a felt ruffle.

Step 7: The Stuffing

You can use normal stuffing, or you can make your own. Just take a bunch of fabric or felt scraps and cut them into a bunch of tiny pieces.

Step 8: Stuff 'n' Sew

Sew all around the face, leaving a small opening where you can stuff the stuffing inside. After stuffing, finish sewing. Sew on the hair, and if you have bangs, overlap them and sew them to the forehead. Sew the pants and arms to one side of the shirt/dress, then sew that side to the top side of the dress/shirt, leaving a side of the shirt/dress open to stuff, then finish the seam. Do the same thing with the hat as you did with the face, minus the hair, and make sure you sew on all the decorations to the clothes and the hat before you sandwich them and stuff them. Sew on both shoes. If you don't like the look of sew :) many messy threads on the doll, use a brush pen of the same color of the piece of felt with the problem threads to color the threads, so they look the same color as the felt.

Step 9: Finally Done!

Congrats! Now you have an awesome, homemade elf on the shelf doll! Now you can set her somewhere, whether sitting, or lounging:) You can also omit the elf hat and shoes to make a regular doll. Thank you for viewing! Hope you liked!

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