Introduction: How to Make a 36,000 Mah Powerbank ?

Hello friends,

I am waqar In this video I will show how you can Make your own 36,000 mah power bank from dead laptop batteries in just $7 without using any specialized equipments or Knowledge. Cells used in this Project are called lithium ion battery specifically 18650 cells.

:: Stuff you Need ::

1:Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A Mobile Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger PCB Module Board

Price :: 2.62$

2:Old Laptop Batteries buy those from your local retailer shop or You can Buy new cells from amazon or ebay. about :: 5$ (for 10 dead laptop batteries)

3: A plastic Box


:: Tools you need ::

1:: Plier

2:: some Wires

2:: a screw driver

Step 1:

The Best way to get lithium ion cells is to harvest them from old dead laptop batteries.

the lipo batteries used in laptops are called 18650 lithium ion cells.

There are 2 way you can get batteries

1:: from your local retailer shop

2:: from online (new cells) beware many seller sell the fake lithium ion cells.

Step 2:

Please make sure that You cut all the 3 series connection.

don't cut parallel connection (you can cut but i don't recommend this because it is difficult to solder or spot weld).

Step 3: Identify Good Cells(high Capacity)

This process is very important as it will determine the total capacity of your DIY power bank.

Method 1::

Generally the 3+ volt cells are the good ones (This is the simplest way but not the best)

Method 2::

You can use the specialized device like Imax b6 ac to charge and discharge each lithium ion cell and know the accurate capacity.

so , far in this tutorial i will use the Method 1

if you want to know more about Method 2 you can comment below

Step 4:

I think this is the most easy just joint all the harvested 18650 cells in parallel connection.

In simple means all the positive terminal of battery are connected to each other & all the Negative terminal are connected to each other,

In the end you will get one positive terminal & one Negative terminal.

You can join as many as you want to increase the capacity of your power bank.

Step 5:

Just get any plastic box

and fit the battery pack inside the box.

and leave the Both positive & negative Terminal outside the box

as show in the images.

Step 6: Buy Dual USB Power Bank Circuit

Dual USB 5V 1A 2.1A Mobile Power Bank 18650 Battery Charger PCB Module Board

Price :: 2.62$

I Purchased this from above You can buy this from anywhere else.

Step 7:

Make Sure the correct polarity while joining the positive & negative wires coming from the battery pack.

You can also use some tape or hot glue to fix the circuit on top of the box.

like i use tape to fix it .

Step 8:

:: Charging You Phone ::

Now we are all done just connect your mobile to circuit by usb cable and your mobile is charging.

You have 2 modes of charging in this circuit 1 is normal mode and other one is Fast charging mode .

Choose whatever you want .

:: Charging The power bank::

You Charge this power bank by just any mobile charger

the only thing is that it will take time to charge the whole power bank but ones it is full you are ready for more then week . shown in image 2 of this step.

:: Warning::
Please Take Appropriate care while using Lithium ion batteries.

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