Introduction: WiFi Jammer With Inbuilt Powerbank

Hello Friend,

In This video I will Tell you

How you can make a portable WiFi jammer with inbuilt power bank.

which can be used for both charging your mobile and powering your WiFi jammer.


It is illegal to jam someones WiFi network.

I am doing this on my own network.

This video is just for educational purpose.

Step 1:

get esp8266 circuit

you can buy from anywhere but i have purchased it from the link below::

you can check that out

Step 2:

Just download & Install the latest Arduino software from the link below::

Step 3:

Download the codes

I am not the author of this code .

The Person providing the link is the original author of the codes

Just download the zip file .

Open Read me file

follow the instructions(Exactly).

Step 4:

connect esp8266 to you pc via usb cable

Now it's time to connect the usb cable to the esp8266 circuit .

make sure to use the data cable not power cable (usb)

Step 5:

Upload the codes on esp circuit

select the correct port from menu options


click on upload the codes

wait for 10 minutes to upload successfully.

Step 6:

Lets make a power bank to run that jammer

get the power bank circuit from the link below::

Get some Lipo 18650 cells from old dead laptop batteries.

as shown in the images.

Step 7:

Join everything together with some wires

I use some wires to join the lipo cells to the power bank circuit.

then i connected the output of power bank to the esp8266 jammer's circuit to power it on

Step 8:

Connect to the wifi network of jammer circuit

in my case is "REX" and "password".

you should read the the "read me file " which you have downloaded earlier.

for wifi name password

Step 9:

Open web browser


Step 10:

Select the wifi network to attack

Step 11:

Go to attack tab

click on attack

Step 12:

See the Results

Everyone is disconnected from the Targeted network.

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