Introduction: How to Make a DIY Tensegrity Structure

Tensegrity, tensional integrity or floating compression is a structural principle based on a system of isolated components under compression inside a network of continuous tension and arranged in such a way that the compressed members (usually bars or struts) do not touch each other while the prestressed tensioned members (usually cables or tendons) delineate the system spatially.


  1. Ice Cream Popsicle Sticks
  2. Thread
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Cutter

Step 1: Make a Popsicle Triangle

First of all, make a triangle of the wooden popsicle sticks, with the help of a hot glue gun or an industrial adhesive.

Step 2: Duplicate the Triangle and Paste Slant Piece

Now, duplicate the popsicle stick triangle by using a hot glue gun. Now, using some extra popsicles and cut them at 60 degrees and then them with the help of a glue gun. Now onto those slant pieces attached, make a hole on both of them.

Step 3: Paste the Threads

Now everything is ready with the popsicles and proceed with the threads. Use equal lengths of the thread from each corner of the triangle to the other corner of the other triangle.

Step 4: Attach the Slant Pieces Together

After all, now tie the thread between the slant pieces hole near each other.

And it is ready.

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