Introduction: How to Make a Decorative Newspaper Basket?

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Paper basket looks attractive and is mostly used as a home decor. It is great to place such baskets on the dining table and you can keep some stuff inside it such as chocolates. These paper baskets are available in the market with different shapes and color.

Here we are going to make a decorative paper basket that can be made easily and is environment-friendly as well. This is a wonderful Newspaper Basket that you can make for your home decoration.

Step 1: Things Needed to Make a Decorative Basket

  • Newspapers
  • Toothpick
  • Cutter
  • Adhesive
  • Paint Brush
  • Metallic Colors
  • Decorative Stones & Pearls
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun

Step 2: Let's Make Paper Designs!

  • Take a newspaper. Fold and cut the long strips of it.
  • Take a toothpick and start to fold the strip from any of the corners using it to make a stick. We need several such paper sticks.
  • Now to make the base, roll the sticks in a circular manner. Fix other sticks to it to make the base.
  • Apply and spread the adhesive on the circular base and let it dry. This is usually done to give strength and glaze to the craft.
  • Now take 2 sticks and roll it to make the ring like a design.
  • Similarly, attach 2 sticks, roll it to make a ring and then give it a leaf shape.
  • Apply the adhesive and spread it. Let it dry completely.

Step 3: Let's Color the Shapes!

  • Now apply golden metallic colour on the base on both sides.
  • Apply red paint on the rings.
  • Paint the leaves with pink and green colour.

Step 4: Let's Paste the Shapes & Decorate It!

  • Now start pasting the leaf shapes on the base.
  • Paste the red rings between the 2 leaves.
  • Decorate the basket using decorative stones and pearls.

Wow, your beautiful fruit basket made with newspapers is now ready!

Step 5: ​Conclusion

It resembles a fruit basket and is perfect for home decor. It is difficult to guess that it is made up of the newspaper. You can keep some artificial flowers in it and that will make a great and unique home decor. You can use different colour combination based on your creativity.

Hope you enjoyed watching this recycled craft video. Please do not forget to share your experiments and suggestion with us in the comments section.

Happy Crafting!