Introduction: How to Make a Desk Divider

Are you a teacher who needs a surefire way to keep your students from cheating on tests? Do you work in an office and feel you need more privacy from co-workers? Then a Desk Divider is just what you need. And you can build one easily just by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Gather Materials

2 3D printed PVC pipe 
Ply wood that measures 
Cardboard that measures 
Duct tape
2 pieces of plywood that are the same dimensions as the cardboard but the width is 1/4 inches.
(If you do not have two pieces of plywood you can use multiple pieces of cardboard cut in the correct shape.)
Piece of plywood to go with the Cardboard cut out 

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard So That It Is Equal to the Dimensions of the Table You Are Using

Step 3: Put Duct Tape on Every Inch of the Cardboard

This makes the cardboard thicker which will be helpful later on. Also, if your cardboard has flaps on the end this will keep them from causing a problem. It will look better too.

Step 4: Hot Glue the Piece of Cardboard to a Piece of Plywood of the Exact Same Dimensions

This will make the divider thicker so that it will fit better in the PVC pipe.

Step 5: Design 1 PVC Pipe on Solid Works

Make sure you design the PVC pipe with a small hole across the top for the cardboard to fit into. 

Step 6: 3D Print the PVC Pipe

Step 7: Cut Out 6 Pieces of Cardboard That Looks Like This:

Step 8: Glue Three of the Cardboard Cut Outs Together in Two Groups

Step 9: Glue the Pieces of Cardboard to the Piece of Plywood

Make sure that these pieces of cardboard can attach to the table and also be taken off.

Step 10: Put the PVC Pipe on Top of the Long Flat Piece of Plywood and in Between the Pieces of Cardboard

Step 11: Hot Glue the PVC Pipe

Step 12: Put the Cardboard/Wood Into the PVC Pipe

Step 13: Paint It

Make it look good!