Introduction: How to Make a K Out of PVC

Have you ever wanted a K made out of PVC and you didn't know where to get one?! Well now, using simple materials around the house, you can make your own!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

2 T connectors
2 45 degree connectors
3 1" PVC
2 .5" PVC
2 2" PVC

Step 2: Attach a T Connector to One End of a 1" PVC

Step 3: Attach 1" PVC to the Other End of the T Connector

Step 4: Attach Another T Connector to the End of the 1" PVC

Step 5: Attach Another 1" PVC to the End of the T Connector

Step 6: Attach .5" PVC to Each T Connector

Step 7: Attach 45 Degree Connectors to Each .5" PVC

Step 8: Attach 2" PVC to Each of the 45 Degree Connectors

Step 9: Enjoy Your K