Introduction: How to Make a Fidget Hand Spinner

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Nowadays, Fidget Spinners are everywhere. Their streamlined motion, creative designs and the clever tricks that they can perform, have made them a noteworthy trend. They are wonderful boredom busters, and are also helpful in relieving stress & anxiety. In this Instructable, we will learn How to make a high quality Fidget Hand Spinner toy at home. This Fidget spinner uses four Ball bearings enclosed in a body made using Hot Glue.

Step 1: Watch the Video

A detailed video tutorial is the most simple way to understand a "How To" project. In this video, you will find all the steps needed to make a good quality Fidget Hand Spinner at home. However, make sure to visit step 2 for additional information and images.

Step 2: Order Parts: Components & Tools

  1. Ball Bearings -
  2. Hot Glue Gun -
  3. Stationary Knife -
  4. Hot Glue Sticks -

  1. Ball Bearings -
  2. Hot Glue Gun -
  3. Stationary Knife -
  4. Hot Glue Sticks -

  1. Ball Bearings -
  2. Hot Glue Gun -
  3. Stationary Knife -
  4. Hot Glue Sticks -

From Home & Local Store: Brake Cleaner fluid(or After Shave Liquid), Cardboard, Paper, pencil and Oil.

Step 3: Procedure: Clean Ball Bearings

1. Using a Stationary Knife, remove the cover from both sides of the ball bearing.

2. Pour some brake cleaning fluid in a bowl and drop the bearing in the fluid.

Note: You can also use "After Shave Liquid solution" instead of brake cleaning fluid.

3. After few minutes, wipe the ball bearing and remove excess grease from it.

4. The Ball Bearing is now ready to rotate freely at high speeds.

Step 4: Procedure: Make Mould for Fidget Spinner

1. Place the ball bearings on a piece of cardboard in such a way that their position resembles a fidget spinner.

2. Draw the Ball bearing boundary at their respective positions.

3. Using pencil, draw the design of a Fidget Spinner around the marked boundary.

Note: You can also obtain various creative designs from net and print them on a paper.

4. Using a stationary knife, carve out the Fidget spinner layout from the cardboard.

5. Paste a strip of paper around the edges of the carved layout to complete the mould. Refer to the above images to understand the procedure well.

6. Put some super glue at the joints, so as to make the mould secure from heat due to Hot Glue.

6. Apply some oil inside the fidget mould, so that it helps to separate the mould from the Fidget in a later step.

Note: Make sure to watch the video to get more clarity about the procedure.

Step 5: Procedure: Cast a Fidget Hand Spinner

  1. Place the mould on a flat surface.
  2. Place all the ball bearings at the marked positions on the Fidget mould that we made in previous step.
  3. Heat the Hot Glue Gun to a High Temperature.
  4. Pour the hot glue carefully inside the fidget mould and make sure not to leave any gaps.
  5. Blow Hot air on the mould, so that the hot glue settles well.
  6. Allow the Fidget to get settled and dry for sometime.
  7. When the hot glue becomes rock hard, tear the mould and separate the Fidget spinner.
  8. Smooth the surface by rubbing with a sandpaper and then blowing with Hot air.

Step 6: Time to Test the Fidget

Our Fidget Hand Spinner Toy is now ready. Hold the fidget between two fingers and spin it fast. You will find that fidget is well balanced and rotates at very high speed.

In case you might have missed, have a look at the Video and see how I made this wonderful Fidget hand Spinner Toy at home.

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