Introduction: How to Make a Fidget Spinner With No Bearings

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Hi My Friends,

In This Instructable I made a New Version Of Fidget Spinner Without Using any Bearings!! Using Household Materials and The Best Part is I have made this thing from cardboard which is very light in weight and pocket friendly too and Has a Decent Spin Time...Please Continue Reading

Step 1: Video Showing How to Make Fidget Spinner and Spin Time

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Step 2: Spinner Body

  • The body of spinner is made entirely from cardboard
  • The dimensions is shown in the image
  • The center is located in the body by drawing cross lines
  • Hole is made using toothpic
  • Spinner caps are made by drawing circles(i used pennys)and cut
  • Ive made spikes by drawing triangles at the sides of rectangular body and Cut

Will The Spikes Hurt My Fingers?

No they Wont Coz They are Made From Cardboard!!!!

Step 3: Weight Attachment

  • Instead of bearings Ive used coins which is placed at the ends of the cardboard
  • Coupled Using Hot Glue
  • Spinner Body Is Coloured
  • Caps are Coloured

Step 4: Finishing

  • Toothpic is inserted between the caps(black one shown in image) then between the center holes and repeat same for other side also
  • Superglue Can also be replaced with paperglue or Hot glue
  • Give a rotation many times untill the movement is fully free and then enjoy!!

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