Introduction: How to Make a Fire With Wet Wood

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It's rained, what are you going to do now? How are going to make a fire? Well, it's simple. Just follow my lead.

Step 1: Get Your Wood

Find some reasonably wet wood, not some you found floating in the water. Then you're going to put it into a pile.

Step 2: Start Shaving

Once you find some wood, if you break it in half, you will notice it is dry inside. Then with your knife/hatchet, you will shave the outside of it until you find dry wood. Shave the rest until like so.

Step 3: Fuzz Stick

If you like, you could make a "Fuzz Stick", which is the stick with attached shavings to help start the wood on fire. Or you could get the shavings off and make tinder for your fire also, or just do both. After that you can set up your fire however you like. I suggest the "Log Cabin". It's like the Lincoln Logs you grew up with other than the roof. Thanks for viewing!!!

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