Introduction: How to Make a Fish Pond at Low Cost

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Hello guys!

I'm gonna show you how to make a Fish Pond!

Why I made one?

  • To make my terrace look beautiful.
  • To keep myself Calm.
  • Bring good Vibration.

What Fish to leave?

  • Koi carps.
  • Iridescent/Albino Sharks.
  • Tiger Barbs.
  • Three Spot Gourami.
  • Molly.

Step 1: Drum

In case you find a broken water tank in your neighborhood you can use them.

Cut the tank into half or to whatever size you want.

make sure there's no cracks, if you find any cracks use Silicone gum and block it.

I used my old Safari car's wheelcover it has a diameter of 3 feet.

and a height of 1 foot.

Step 2: Add Decoratives..

Adding Pebbles, Seashells and a Buddha Idol...

Add plants like Climbers, Floating plants, etc...

These additions bring natural beauty to your tank.

And also your Fish feels Happy in such an Environment.

Also add a Fountain to make it more attractive.

Step 3: Adding Fish

you can add Fish like :

  • Koi
  • Sharks
  • Mollies
  • Guppies
  • Three spot Gouramis
  • Tiger Barbs
  • Common Pleco
  • any other calm Fish.
  • If you're adding Goldfish make sure the tankmates have enough space and also the environment must have many hiding spot.
  • Also a heater is required for Goldfish! so i recommend not to add Goldfish!

Step 4: Surroundings

Place a lot of plants around the pond.

Make sure these plants have Flowers.

This Makes the environment Heavenly!

Also keep your pond covered with a wired Mesh to keep away from Predators.

Step 5: Food

I would recommend you to feed them with Earthworms* every twice a week!

all these Fish eat Flakes, Food grains (Shrimps) and Blood worm cubes!

*Before feeding Earthworms clean them properly from Dust and Mud.

*Also make sure your Garden has no chemicals or Pesticides added because your Earthworms carry it and your Fish may die

Step 6: Fish Care

Your Fish like Mollies and Guppies are Livebearers so they're prone to get pregnant very often.

It takes around a month or 40 days for them give birth...

you must Separate your Fry from the parents or any other Fish cause they may eat it up!

place them in a separate Glass Bowl and keep them in your house, Feed them 5 times a day.

they eat tiny food like tetra food or crushed grains.

Maintain Balanced ph levels in your tank.

Keep more or less same temperature Fish to avoid Fights!

Clean your Pond for every 2 or 3 weeks span.

Remove any uneaten food in your pond to avoid Nitrites.

Step 7: Additional

Do not invest more on Decoratives...

Sea Shells - Collect them when you visit a beach!

Pebbles and Rocks are always found on River Banks.

Add a lot of Moss and your Fish will be happy.....

don't forget to add hiding spots! they love it..

Don't forget to watch the Video!

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