Introduction: How to Make a Flower Nail Design

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(._.) ~let's learn nail things.

Step 1: Clean Your Nails

Wash your hands, and remove any other nail polish.

Step 2: Pick Your Colors

Choose the color for your base coat, and choose the colors you'll use for your flowers.

Step 3: Paint the Base Coat

Paint all of your nails the color you chose for the background.

Step 4: Find a Tool

Find something with a pointed end, like a pencil, to use as a tool to make your petals.

Step 5: Start Your Flower

Dip your tool into the color you're using for the inside of your flower.

Step 6: Make the Inside

Press the tip of your tool, covered in your nail polish, to the spot on your nail where you want to start your flower.

Step 7: Start Your Petals

Dip your tool into the color you want your petals to be.

Step 8: Make the Petals

Press the tip of your tool onto your nail to make small dots in a circle around the middle dot.

Step 9: Add Other Flowers

If you want, you can add more flowers to your other nails.