Introduction: How to Make a Fountain in Minecraft

you can put this in front of your house in Minecraft for a decoration


glow stone

A block of our choice


Step 1: The Bottom

Place a 5*5 platform. But don't put blocks on the inside of the 5*5 platform

Step 2: Glow Stone

Inside of the platform dig one block below and place glow stone

Step 3: Top

Place how many blocks you want in the middle of the platform. I would suggest about 4 to five blocks.

Step 4: Water Bucket

Put a water bucket on top of the blocks next placed in the middle of the fountain.

Step 5: Almost Done

Break the corner blocks of your fountain

Step 6: You Are Finished!

you can make different kinds of fountains like in the picture. You can also place your fountains in front of your house in Minecraft, for like a decoration, (by the way the house in the picture is not mine I just made a little house to post a picture fast. You can also add slabs if you want. Place the slab in the place where you placed the water it on the second block in the middle.

Step 7: End

You are finished! with your fountain!