Introduction: How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Learn how to make an easy, beginner level friendship bracelet!

Step 1: Materials





-Table or other sturdy surface

Step 2: Choose Your Colors

First, choose the colors you want to have in your bracelet. You have the option to pick two to five colors. (Although you can make a bracelet with more colors, it is not recommended for beginners).

Step 3: Cutting the String

Next, cut two 20-24 inch pieces of each color string and lay them down. Try not to tangle them up.

Step 4: Preparing the Bracelet

Once you have all of your string prepared, put all of the pieces together and tie a knot at the top using all of the strings. Try to keep the two corresponding color pieces together. This will help you start the bracelet.

Step 5: Taping

Next, tape down the string right above the knot to a sturdy table so that you can pull on the strings without ripping them off.

Step 6: You're Ready to Go!

Next, pick one color to start with. It is usually easiest to begin with the color closest to the right. Grab both strings of the color you choose and hold them in your right hand. Hold all other string in your left hand, slightly below your right hand.

Step 7: Forming the First Knot

While holding the two pieces of the string you chose in your right hand, cross over to the left side of the string in your left hand.

Step 8: Make a '4'

Next, bring the two pieces of the colored string you chose back over the strings in your left hand, but stop the string with your index finger on your right hand, making a '4'.

Step 9: Grab and Pull the String

Then, put your right hand through the ‘4’ and grab the two pieces of the one colored string that is now dangling on the right side of the other strings that are still in your left hand. Once you have the two pieces of string, pull them back up through the '4'.

Step 10: Tie the Knot

After pulling the string up through the '4', gently pull up to the top of your bracelet, making a knot around the other strings.

Step 11: Repeat!

Next, repeat step 9 about 10 times, making sure to pull tightly when your knot reaches the top of your bracelet.

Step 12: New Color!

Next, pick another color. You are going to do the exact same thing with your next color, so repeat steps 5 through 10. Once you have done this once with every color, go back to your original color and repeat steps 5 through 10 again.

Step 13: Almost There...

When you run out of string, cut any frayed ends off and remove the tape and bracelet from the table.

Step 14: The Final Step

Finally, tie your finished bracelet around your wrist so it fits nicely (you can also tie it around your ankle, or use more string to make a necklace.