Introduction: How to Make a Harley Quinn Hammer

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This guide shows you how to cut, shape and stick Styrofoam and Plastazote.

Both materials are widely used for prop making for film, TV, special effects & cosplay.

We stock a wide range of other materials useful for projects in these fields including EVA foams, worbla, foam clay and PlastiDip.

All can be found in the Cosplay & Body FX section of our website.

Please note that the blue styrofoam used in this guide has now been replaced by dark grey styrofoam.


We used:
3M PhotoMount (AA00008), UHU Por (AP00022), PVA glue (AP00031), 25mm double sided tape (AT20025), DecoArt Acrylic Black Paint (FO10700), Milk coffee 400ml (WK00075), Do-it spray, dark brown 150ml (FS10110), Traffic red 400ml (WK00013), Do-it spray metallic silver 150ml (FS10124), Pyrography tool 30W (OT00000,) Dark grey styrofoam (RF35160), 2mm black funky foam (RL20033), 6mm black plastazote (RF40002), Bisque carpet (RO20007), 23.8mm wooden rod (SR90026), 60/70 grit sandpaper (TA10000) Scalpel No3 (TK10065), A2 cutting mat (TM00004), Clear rule with steel edge (TR10025), Black Promarker twin-tip pen (TX10124).

Step 1: Shaping the Styrofoam

Stick circle templates onto the ends of the sytrofoam, mark on the exterior cut lines and cut out.

Step 2: Shaping the Styrofoam

Draw on cut lines to remove the corners and cut them off then further trim of the edges.

Step 3: Shaping the Styrofoam

With 60 grit sand paper wrapped around a wooden block smooth out the hammer head and finish until fairly smooth.

Step 4: Adding the Plastazote

From the 6mm plastazote cut out the end pieces and glue onto the styrofoam using UHU POR as a contact adhesive.

Step 5: Adding the Plastazote

Using a paper template mark on the centre point and draw on some guide line circles then using the wood burning pen engrave a series of circles. Cut out a slightly over width rectangle from the 6mm plastazote to wrap around the hammer head, trim to length, then start by gluing the first 50mm of the plastazote onto the hammer head.

Step 6: Adding the Plastazote

Firmly glue together then apply glue to the rest of the styrofoam and plastazote and when tacky firmly stick together.

Step 7: Adding Detail

Then engrave bark lines into the plastazote and a few split lines in the ends. Using a paper template as a guide engrave the text into one end of the hammer head.

Step 8: Adding Detail

Spray the ends light brown then when dry mask out and spray the rest of the head dark brown.

Step 9: Adding Detail

Cut strips from the 2mm funky foam for the metal bands around the hammer head, using a hole punch cut out some circles and stick to the bands at 50mm intervals then spray silver.

Step 10: Adding Detail

Glue the strips onto the head using the UHU POR as a contact adhesive. From the 6mm plastazote cut out a hexagon and circle the diameter of the handle and glue together. Spray silver and glue onto the top of the hammer head

Step 11: Adding the Handle

On the underside of the hammer head mark on the centre point and using a paddle drill bit drill a hole into the head.

Step 12: Adding the Handle

Insert the handled onto the head, mark on the depth and cut out some strips from the 2mm funky foam. At the top of the handle glue on a strip then onto this a smaller strip.

Step 13: Adding the Handle

At the other end cut out and glue on and end cap and another strip over this. Spray the handle brown, mask out and spray the funky foam end caps silver.

Step 14: Adding the Handle

Stick double sided tape onto the back of the bisque carpet, cut out 20mm strips and wrap these around the bottom of the handle to form the grip.

Step 15: Finishing Touches

Cut out 4 diamonds from 2mm funky foam, spray red and glue onto the hammer head face. Using watered down black acrylic paint accentuate the groves and add shading to the hammer head.

Step 16: The Finished Hammer

We have this hammer on display in our shop, we are close by to Aldgate & Tower Hill stations if you are in London.