Introduction: Getting the Correct Materials

To be able to make this bracelet you will need:

1. 3 Different color of string

2. Scissors

3. Tape

Step 1: Cutting All Three Strings

· Cut three different color string, each a foot and a half long.

· Line all three strings up side by side to where they are all evenly lined up top to bottom.

Step 2: Tying the Knot

· Tie a knot at the top using all three strings, so they are all held together. Leave an inch at the top of the knot for room to tie at the end.

Step 3: Getting Set Up

· Get a piece of tape that is an inch long and tape the remaining thread left at the top of the knot to a stable platform (table, floor, desk, wall etc.)

Step 4: Positioning the Strings

· Pick the color you choose to start with and hold that one piece of thread in you dominate hand. Hold the other two colors in the other hand.

Step 5: Making a Thumbs Up

· Make a vertical thumbs up with the hand holding 2 strings, to where your thumb is pointing to the sky.

· Wrap the string you’re starting with around the outside of your thumb that is pointed up. Grab the remainder of the string to where it is tightly wrapped and is on top of the other two strings.

Step 6: Using Number 4 Strategy

· Wrapping the string around thumb should look like the number 4. At this point the color you are staring with should be above the other two strings. Now keep it above and with the remainder of the string loop it under the other two strings that are still in hand.

· Let string be in-between the color you are starting with and the other two colors because one string is still wrapped around thumb.

Step 7: Looping First Color

. Pull the color through and let your thumb go.

· Let the string that is in dominate hand loop around the other two strings.

Step 8: Pulling Knot Tightly

· Pull tightly till the little knot gets all the way to the top, and right below the knot.

Step 9: Changing to the Next Color

· Tie 15 knots with the first color.

· Changing colors is simple, just switch the threads. Switch the color you started with the next color you want. The next color in you dominate hand and the other two colors in other hand.

Step 10: Tying Knot When Finished

· Leave a half of an inch at the bottom when done, and tie it to the string above knot, tie It loosely so you have plenty of room to take it on and off.