Introduction: How to Make a Massive Electrical Vise - 4 Tons

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Construction of homemade electric clamps, with electric piston reaching 4 tons closing power! You also had to build a very strong base to carry the pressure intensity the plunger runs at closing. This is the most expensive project I've ever done! The cost of electric plunger about $1000!

Step 1: Preparation of a Very Strong Base

The first step is to prepare a very strong base to hold the load of the plunger to be assembled later on...

Step 2: Last Test Before Proceeding to the Next Step

The next step is to check that the electric plunger sits well on the base, after checking that all measurements according to the plan can proceed to the next stage of the project

Step 3: The Next Step Is the Step I Like Best, Coloring!

The next step is the step I like best, coloring! I unpacked all the parts to begin painting each part of his color. I used a particularly strong color combined primer and top color together

Step 4: Put Together Everything

After painting I began to assemble all the parts together, then I started to build the piston's electric power. It was very simple

Step 5: This Is the Last Step!

This is the last step! The most fun stage. The final testing stage. At this stage I tested the strength of the clamps by putting all sorts of things in them and squeezing them out!