Introduction: How to Make a Mini Desk Top Air Conditioner

Hello my name is Gabriel Podevin and today I am going to show you how to Build a Mini air conditioner for your desk at work or at home.

The tool and components list is very small and easy to acquire.

The tools you will need will include:

- Exacto Knife

- Scissors

- Soldering Iron (optional)

The supplies that will be required includes.

- A 9volt computer fan

- One small box ***(big enough to fit your fan)***

- Small Plate or Bowl that fits in box

Step 1: Cutting

In this First step we will be cutting 3 holes in the box. One hole in the back for the fan to sit in and one hole on the front for the air to blow out of, and the last hole will be for putting the bowl of ice inside. all the holes are shown in the picture above.

Step 2: The Fan

In this step you will need to test your fan to see which side of the fan blows and what side sucks. test this by simply touching the leads of the fan to the battery.

once you know this solder or plug the fan to the battery.

once you have done this continue to the next step.

Step 3: Completion

this is the last step before you have a fully functional mini air conditioner. all you have to do it glue the fan to the hole you cut earlier.

after you've glued your fan in take a bowl of ice and place it inside of the box, close the door on the side and turn the fan on.

you know have a desk top air conditioner

Step 4: Modifications

This instructable has been pretty basic so far. but here i will be talking about modifications you can make to improve this project.

- you can add a usb plug to power it instead of a battery.

-add a power switch.

-add a potentiometer to control you fan output.

I will not be going into depth on how to do these because this instructable was made for people with basic knowledge on how to make something simple that they can use.

for the more advanced builders, I believe you know how to build/add these modifications to the project without my instructions.

Good luck builders and enjoy the cool air.

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