Introduction: How to Make a Mummy Costume

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This is so much better than using a roll of toilet paper for your mummy costume! Using old clothes and sheets you have laying around the house, or buying some from the thrift store, follow along with Rob of Threadbanger to make a great mummy costume!

This is Threadbanger's guide to make your own realistic mummy costume! For more information on this project, watch the video, and for more tutorials of do it yourself fashion, subscribe to Threadheads on iTunes!

White sheets (2)
White pants/jeans
White long sleeve shirt (preferably turtleneck)
Box of 100 tea bags
Some 3-5 gallon buckets
Seam ripper
Sewing machine

Step 1: Dying the Material to Make It Look Ancient

Get that dirty, off-white, century-old mummy look by dying all of the material in black tea.

Put the tea, hot water, and materials into the big buckets and steep for about 2-6 hours.

Take them out, dry them, and you are ready to mummify.

Step 2: Making Mummy Strips

Lay out your sheet, grab your scissors, and cut 2 to 3 inch slits down the side of your sheet.

Tear the strips up the length of the sheet. They'll all rip pretty evenly and have a cool frayed edge. You now have your mummy bandages.

Step 3: Attaching the Strips to the Shirt

Start wrapping the strips around your shirt and get to sewing the strips around your shirt. The sloppier and less conformed you sew these on, the better. Overlap your strips, leave some pieces longer than others, go crazy!

Once you get to the chest area, cut the inseams of each of the sleeves.

Lay the sleeves down flat, cut some pieces of material out to cover the sleeves, and sew them on.

After you finish the sleeves, sew on strips to the remaining blank parts of the shirt, turn it inside-out, and sew your sleeves back up.

Step 4: Attaching the Strips to the Pants

Now, take your pants and rip open the inseam all the way to the crotch.

Lay your pants flat, and cut strips out to cover them.

Start from the bottom and sew the strips up both legs. You can stop when you get to the crotch because your shirt will cover that.

Turn your pants inside out and sew back up your legs.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now all you need to do is wrap some extra material around your face and throw on some baby powder to get that dusty, ancient mummy affect, and get your grunt on!