Introduction: How to Make a Paper Double Boat for Kids

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Hi friends, In this instructable I'll explain how to make a simple double boat from a single A4 sheet. Please teach this lessons to your kids and improve their creativity.

Step 1: What You Need?

You just need

  • Single A4 sheet
  • Scissor

to create this double boat

Step 2:

Take one corner of the paper and fold it to make a square. Then fold other side of the paper until it meets the square part. Then unfold both parts

Step 3:

Then cut and remove the rectangular shaped part from the paper using scissor. Then you'll get square shaped piece of paper

Step 4:

Then take the square shaped paper and fold each four corners to the center of the sheet

Step 5:

Then fold the top and bottom of the paper to the center, Now you have rectangular shaped piece

Step 6:

Fold the rectangular shaped paper in half

Step 7:

Open the paper cut and fold it to make to triangular shapes in sides. Do the same for both sides

Step 8:

Then open up the paper gently, Yes! Now you have your little paper double boat. Show this to your kids and also teach them how to make this double boat. You can float the boat on water and have fun with your kids.

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