Introduction: How to Make a Paper Rabbit

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This creation is not for physical use but more of a decoration! Make it more decorative by adding color or other features. My difficulty: Easy-Medium. Length: Short

You will need:



Step 1: Type of Paper

In this creation you will need one square 8.5 inch by 8.5 inch paper. In the next step there will be a link on how to turn A4 paper into a square. If you already have 8.5 inch square paper or know how to do it, then you can skip the link on the next step.

Step 2: Turning A4 Paper Into 8.5 Inch by 8.5 Inch

Click Here! to learn how to turn A4 into a square.

Step 3: Fold Diagonally

Take the square you've made (or the one you have) and grab the bottom right corner. Bring it to the top left corner so the paper was folded in half diagonally. Then unfold for the crease. Notice: If you had to turn A4 paper into a square, this step is already done!

Step 4: Fold Again

Take the bottom right corner again. This time, bring it until the entire bottom side meets with the crease. Then repeat with the top left corner, bringing the top side to the crease.

Step 5: Fold the Top Right Tip Down

Grab the top far right corner (the one that has not yet been folded). Fold it over diagonally so it meets with the top left and bottom right corners that were there before the previous fold was made. Make sure only the corner is touching this time.

Step 6: Fold the Tip Up

Turn the paper so the tip made before is pointing downward. Take the tip (or corner) and bring it up, but leaving a half-inch of the fold from the last step not folded for this step.

Step 7: Flip the Paper

Turn the paper over.

Step 8: Bring the Bottom Tip Up

Once the paper is flipped, take the bottom tip and bring it up to meet the top side (NOT the top tip).

Step 9: Fold in Half

Flip the paper over. Then, fold the paper in half towards you.

Step 10: Making the Ears

This step might be hard to understand but I am sorry for that. Choose one of two ways depending on how you folded the paper towards you in the last step.

  • If you folded the right side to meet the left side, take the now-bottom left side and stand the paper up on it.
  • If you folded the left side to meet the right side, take the now-bottom right side and stand the paper up on it.

Once stood up, take the top point of the paper (the one that can be moved away from the paper) and bring it up about 1 inch. At that point, create a crease so the paper stays that way.

Remember to use the pictures because they can be easier to understand than the text.

Step 11: Cut the Previous Fold Into 2 Ears

Now you will need the scissors. Open up the ear shape made before and cut it in half on the fold in the middle. Keep cutting until it hits the different angled side.

Step 12: Stabilizing the Rabbit

The creation might have trouble standing up, and that is what this step is for. Take the bottom side and fold it up about 1/2 inch. Flip the paper over and do the same to the other bottom side.

Step 13: Decorate! (Optional)

This is the most fun part because you can do it anyway you want, but is optional. Decorate the rabbit! I can't instruct you on this one.

Step 14: Finish!

Get the rabbit to stand up on the bottom sides. Now you have a cool decoration piece for a collection! If you successfully made this creation, please hit the "I Made It!" button. If you want a more visual tutorial, watch this video! This youtuber has a very helpful video on this and is probably easier to understand (:P). Happy decorating!