Introduction: How to Make a Plague Doctor Mask With Paper Mache

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This is how to make a plague doctor mask with paper mache.

I will not be including pictures of me making my mask for each of the steps in this how to, as I didn't know I was going to post this in advance. Here are the materials needed:

  • paper or plastic mask
  • paper
  • hot glue
  • liquid glue
  • water
  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • toilet paper
  • paint
  • cheesecloth
  • small paper cups (or anything round that you wouldn't mind gluing onto your mask)
  • tape
  • cardboard

Step 1: First Step: Mask

You need to have a mask to start this project, and I used the one at the top. It can be any color, as you will not see the color from the outside. For size, the mask just has to fit your face where it is not too tight and doesn't slip.

Step 2: Second Step: Creating the Beak

For creating the beak, use cardboard and cut two pieces to the size you would like the beak to be. I made mine about a foot long with the curve. Once you cut the pieces, glue them together by using hot glue. Then, Take the beak and make an outline of the bottom of it onto another piece of cardboard (this will be for the bottom of the beak). Once you've cut that shape out, bend it in half a bit and hot glue it to the bottom of the mask like in the picture at the top so that you have a curve when you look at it. After everything dries, put on a layer or two of the paper mache recipe on the beak (the paper mache recipe is on the next step).

Step 3: Third Step: Putting It Together

When the beak is done, hot glue it onto the mask right on top of the nose. Now, create a paper mache glue with 1 part glue and almost 2 parts water. You can apply this to the mask (but only use a thin layer) and put toilet paper/ paper on top of that. Keep making layers until you think it is good. I did about 6 to 7 layers for mine.

Step 4: Fourth Step: Adding Detail

After everything dries, cut a little "slice" (I marked it on the cup on the top (in green), and marked what you should use (in red)) of the small cup or whatever you are using and stretch cheesecloth over the top and glue it there. After that, hot glue the "goggles" over the eye sockets of the mask. Then, paper mache on the sides of the "goggles" after they are glued to the mask (about 2 or 3 layers).

Step 5: Fifth Step: Final Touches

Now you should be able to paint your mask. I painted my black, brown, and red, but you can use any colors that you like. Your cheesecloth should be tight enough (but not too tight that you rip it) as you need to paint on it.

Step 6: Sixth Step: Adding the Tape

Now you need to put a strip of tape from the elastic band to the top of your mask (see picture at top) so when you where the mask it doesn't hang down or anything because of the weight of the beak. And now you are done with making the Black Plague Doctor Mask! I hope you have enjoyed it!

I want to give a shout out to Kuya Kenneth on YouTube, because his video helped me a lot! Thank you very much Kuya Kenneth! Here is a link if you want to check out his video:

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