Introduction: How to Make a Poseable Action Figure With 'Sprinkler Wire'

This is a tutorial on how to make a pose-able action figure with 'sprinkler wire'

Sprinkler wire (that's what its called on the packaging) can be found in most home improvement stores and is used control lawn irrigation systems.

You don't really need to use this so called sprinkler wire, any single strand conductor will do

The benefit of using this type of wire over others is that within the single black outer sheathing there are a rainbow of individual conductors. Perfect for for customizing your action figure!

What you'll need:

  • Sprinkler Wire
  • Knife
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Diagonal Cutters

Step 1: Remove the Outer Sheathing

Use a sharp knife and remove the outer sheathing.

Be careful not to cut too deep and damage the inner wires.

Step 2: Make a Wire Skeleton

The skeleton is where you commit to the size and proportions of your action figure.

To make the skeleton you want to cut 4 equal lengths of wire (for a humanoid shape)

For animals like a dog, add a 5th wire with will act as a tail.

Bend and group the wires that make up the skeleton as show in the picture, this will give you an idea of what your action figure will look like.

Step 3: Arms and Legs

The legs can be made by wrapping another wire up one leg and down the other.

If you want fatter legs, make a second or third pass. This example only uses one pass for the legs.

The arms want to be done separately. Leaving a tail on your arm wires (shows) will help with twisting it and will also give the torso a little thickness that will help it look more proportioned

Step 4: Torso

The torso is done the same way.

Here you can make multiple passes to give it the shape you want but thie example uses just one pass for maximum flexibility.

Step 5: Head and Neck

The head and neck are formed last and done by giving the head region a few more passes than the neck region

Step 6: Trim the Skeleton and Balance the Appandages

Trim the skeleton as close as possible

If one of the appendages happens to be longer than the other, just trim right through the outer wire too

Step 7: Tighten Up the Terminations

Use needle nose pliers to tighten up the ends of the appendages.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Cool Action Figures!