Introduction: How to Make a Program Formed From Multiple Files to Appear As Just One App

This tutorial only applies to Windows

Whenever you download a program, you have the chance to stumble upon a case like the one in the image.

Most of the time, you can browse to the folder and just open the executable. But if you want it to seem like it was a normal program, you can follow the steps in this tutorial.

Step 1: Step 1: Copy Your Files to Your Desired Program Location

First off, you need to copy all those files and put them into a folder. For example, you can put it in the Program Files folder (C:\Program Files) or anywhere you'd like.

Step 2: Step 2: Make a Shortcut

Now, you need to make a shortcut. To do that, you need to find the executable, which most of the times will have the name of the app in it and also, as shown in the image will say "Application" to the right of it.

Step 3: Step 3: Create a Shortcut

Now, that you found the executable, you can make a shortcut out of it. To do that:

Right Click > Create Shortcut

Step 4: Step 4: Move and Rename the Shortcut

Now, you just need to Move the shortcut wherever you'd like (the Desktop, for example), then rename it to the name of the program. Done!