Introduction: How to Make a Quill Pen

Sage teaches how to make a quill pen like in colonial 1700's and a modern ball point pen version. Part one of a series on Colonial Crafts for kids by a kid!




Pens or pen refills:

Cutting Board:

**Ask Parent permission and to help with craft pen knife**

Glitter paint (optional):

Sponge (optional):

Step 1: Step One: Soak the Quill

Soak the tip of the quill in warm water for about fifteen minutes

Step 2: Step Two: Get a Parent for This One

Have your parent helper use the pen knife to cut a curve and sharp point on softened quill tip.

Step 3: Step Three: Need Parent for This Step Too

Have parent helper cut a tiny slit in the tip of the quill creating a nib

Step 4: Step Four: Make It Feel Good in Your Hand

Test the quill pen in your hand. Trim off excess feathers so you have about 3-4 inches of bare quill. You can trim more if you want. It's personal preference.

Step 5: Step Five: Blot and Use

Dip quill into ink, blot and use!!!


To make a modern version of Quill Pen Step One is still the same.

Soak the tip of the quill in warm water for about fifteen minutes

Step 7: Step Two: Scissors

With scissors cut off the tip of the softened quill

Step 8: Step Three: Prepare the Quill

Use a cooking skewer to clean the inside of the shaft of the feather

Step 9: Step Four: Make It Modern!

Remove ink cartridge and tip from a ball point pen and place it in cleaned feather shaft. If it’s too long, simply cut it down to size. Don't worry, ink won't spill but if you are worried do it over a trash can.

Step 10: Make It Magical!

Make It Magical! If you make it old fashioned or modern, you can make it magical!

If you want to dress up your feather quill, you can use good paint or glitter to decorate it and make it more magical. (Excellent choice for those Harry Potter Fans!!)

For full video instructions, please visit We tried to put the video here but mom couldn't figure it out.

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