Introduction: How to Make a Recycled Wooden Skateboard Ring With Simple Tools

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Hello! Today I will show you guys how to make a recycled wooden skateboard ring using only simple tools. Every skateboard has a story. Every scratch, every scrape, and every chip was a story and a moment that it helped us grow and it grew with us. With the countless hours we spent with it, it almost becomes a piece of ourselves. Sadly, far too often, we end our skateboard's story too soon. But with one afternoon and some patience, you can continue your skateboard's story for years to come with a unique, recycled piece of art you can wear on your finger that also helps save the environment!

The reason I'm writing this Instructable with simple tools is because I know how disappointing it is to want to make something you saw online, and find you don't have the tools to make it happen. So I will show you that you don't need big, expensive tools to make something beautiful if you have the dedication and drive to make it happen, which I feel is the essence of Instructables. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a skateboard ring with little more than a power drill, a small saw, some sandpaper, and a dremel, if you have one, but it is not necessary. For a detailed video, you can watch my Youtube video:

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you'll need:

  1. It is very important to wear a respirator mask!
  2. Power Drill
  3. Sandpaper (Grits 220, 400, 800, 1000, and higher if you'd like)
  4. Hand Saw
  5. Wooden Dowel
  6. Wrench Sockets
  7. Writing Utensil
  8. Super Glue
  9. Wrench socket adaptor for the drill (This is not necessary unless you want to use the wrench sockets)
  10. Skateboard

Step 2: Pick Your Skateboard and Prepare It

If you want a colorful ring, it's important you pick a colorful skateboard.

After you have picked one you like, make sure to peel off the grip tape.

This will be made easier if you have a hair drier to heat up the grip tape before you peel it.

Important note: it is very frustrating peeling the grip tape, so take your time

Step 3: Size Your Ring

Find a ring your size and trace the inside and outside onto the skateboard.

The thinner you make it now, the less sanding you'll have to do, but you'll give yourself less room for error.

Step 4: Drill a Hole Through the Center of Your Ring

Once you've traced your ring size, drill a hole through the center of the ring you drew.

You can find the exact center by measuring, but I usually just eye-ball it because it can be fixed later by sanding.

It is also very important to clamp the piece down or find a way to secure it when you drill the hole.

Drill very slowly to avoid kickback or breaking your board.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Ring

Now it's time to pick up your hand saw and slowly cut your ring out, try to stay as close to the edge as you can as this will save you a lot of time sanding later.

Important note: don't worry if you have pieces sticking out or if it's not perfectly circular. You will fix this later by sanding.

Step 6: Sanding (yay the Fun Part... >.>)

At this point you can sand off any large edges sticking out from the original lines you drew and begin sanding the inside.

Start your sanding with the lower grits of sandpaper.

Before I got a dremel, I would sand the inside with a rolled up piece of sandpaper and just twist it around and move it back and forth in a twisting motion.

If you do have access to a dremel, it will really speed up the process. However, be careful not to over sand or burn the wood!

Step 7: More Sanding... (I'm Ecstatic -_-)

Once the inside is large enough, you can fit a dowel or the sockets into it and speed up the sanding of the outer edge.

Move up to higher grit sand paper once you see the edges rounding out and becoming more uniform.

The sanding becomes a bit quicker once you get to this point and it starts to look a lot more like a ring.

Continue doing this until you have a mostly smooth edge.

Now continue sanding the inside until you have a comfortable fit on your desired ring finger.

Step 8: Applying Finish

Now you have an almost finished ring that, as of now, you can technically wear, but to protect it from the elements, I will add a finish to mine.

Grab your trusty super glue and add a small dab to a paper towel, being careful not to get any on your fingers, and slowly spin the ring on the drill while applying the paper towel to the ring.

Do this on both sides multiple times.

Step 9: Polish and Finish

Now that you have a super glue finish, sand with your higher grit sandpapers (800-1000 grit) until you have an even surface.

Once you have acheived a smooth surface, you can add some paste wax if you'd like

Step 10: Enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to read my Instructable. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Remember to remove your ring when you wash your hands and take a shower in order to prolong its life. And if it ever gets dull, repeat the last step.

Please post pictures of your finished rings, I would love to see them!

If you enjoyed this and want to see more of my work, check us out on Instagram @lazermiami.

If you do not have the time or the tools to make your ring, but would like one, you can send me your board and I can make one for you, sometimes even free of charge!

I have more ideas for more Instructables, like how to make a carbon fiber glow in the dark ring with the same simple tools, and a few other cool ideas. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to make these!

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