Introduction: How to Make a Restaurant for Toys!

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Hello! This is another instructables on how to make an establishment, basically, for toys. This time, i'll show you how to make an easy restaurant for toys. Thanks for viewing, and I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Find a Spot to Build Your Restaurant

First, you will need to find a good spot to build your restaurant. It could be on a table, under a table, or just any space you can find that won't get in anyone's way,.

Step 2: Decorate the Space

Drape a tablecloth or a blanket over your space, or you can just leave it bare if you wish.

Step 3: Make the Table or Tables

For this step, use dollhouse furniture, including tables and chairs, or you can make your own. The height of the table depends on how big your toys are. To make this table, you stack books, so stack as many books as you need to suit your needs. Then, put a flameless candle on top.

Step 4: Build the Bathroom

Use a dollhouse bathroom set (Minus the bathtub), and put it where you want it, then find a way to prop up a pillow to separate the bathroom from the dining area.

Step 5: Build the Kitchen

Prop up a pillow on something to make a pretend kitchen door. Then fill a small box, like a jewelry box, with pretend food, and put it behind the pillow. Or, if you want to make a real kitchen, make room behind the pillow to put a kitchen dollhouse set.

Step 6: The Finishing Touches

Cut out 2 little rectangles of paper and fold them in half to make menus. Then, take a box of tealight candles (I got these from Amazon) and go wild! Put them anywhere you want. Then, you can't forget the customers, of course! (The toys in the photo are Monster High Minis and Shopkins)

Step 7: Turn Off the Lights and Turn on the Tealights!

Now, just turn off the lights and turn on the tealights and get playing! Well, I hope you enjoyed and thank you for viewing!