Introduction: How to Make a Rubber Chicken Handbag

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Do you enjoy getting queer looks from strangers who are likely questioning your sanity? Then this is the project for you!

Note that this Instructable can be applied to a variety of shaped bags. Woo hoo!


Fairly sturdy lightly textured pleather with a matte finish (easier to paint)
D ring
Fabric for lining (optional)
Wonder clips (small binder clips will work)
Acrylic paint
Clear coat (spray can)
Boning/thick zip ties (optional)

Step 1: Make Your Pattern

Either print the image you want to make into a bag at the size you would like, or hand-draw the shapes you need. Note you will have a front and back. Seen in the photos are my reference image, original sketch, and then alterations to it to make it larger. I needed to make sure it was large enough for my phone.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut out your pattern piece. Trace your image onto the backside of your pleather twice, mirroring the second one.

You will also need a strip of fabric about 3-4" long and as wide as the space in your D ring, as well as a strip about 12" long and twice as wide as the loop on your clip (you will fold and sew it).

Step 3: Sewing in the Zipper

Measure the length of the zipper (not including excess). Using a blade and ruler, cut the length of the zipper onto the back chicken piece. I put mine in diagonally to more easily insert my phone.
With a needle and thread, baste your zipper in (pins aren't a great option on pleather). With a zipper foot, machine sew the zipper in.

Step 4: Hardware

Pit the shorter strip of pleather through the D-ring and fold it in half with the ring enclosed as shown. Baste it where you want it (back of the chicken's head) and machine sew it on.

Fold the long strip so the width is halved and sew it with a 2mm seam allowance all the way around. Fold the strap around your clip as pictured and sew across the middle of the folds.

Step 5: Sewing the Main Bag

This part is easy. Clip both chicken pieces right sides out and stitch around it using a 2mm seam allowance. To secure the feet and head well while sewing, you can use a bit of stick glue.

To make the feet and neck sturdy, I inserted some thick zip tie pieces into them. I cut the pieces to size and rounded the corners off.

Step 6: Lining

You can stop here and enjoy the bag, or make a link g so you aren't fishing change and lipsticks out of a chicken's neck.

To make the lining, I traced the body of the chicken and drew a line where the zipper was. Cut the shape out and trace it, adding a seam allowance to the edges. Next, cut that piece in half where the zipper line is and trace them separately onto new paper. Add a seam allowance all the way around each piece. Put the flat edges together of the two separate pieces and sew the body edges together. Fold outward and press. Sew this with the folded edge outward to the fill body piece.
Put the lining inside the chicken and pin the flat edge in line with the zipper. Hand stitch into place.

Step 7: Painting

Now for the fun part! Paint your chicken using acrylic paints. I used a mixture of dry brushing and water blending to get the textured and gradient appearances. Lastly, cover your hardware in painters tape and give it a protective clear coat. I just did mine lightly.

Step 8: Show It Off

You're done! Show it off to all your strange friends!

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