Introduction: Star Wars Felt Activity Book/Quiet Book

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Have a little Star Wars fan you need to entertain? This book is perfect for keeping little ones busy while out and about. All of the characters fit into pockets or snap into place.
You can make this book with fewer pages (or more if you have more ideas). This whole book does take time and patience to make, so making fewer pages is fine.


Felt in a variety of colours
Thread in a variety of colours
Cotton batting
Seed beads
Paint (optional)

Step 1: Cut Out Your Pieces

The sheets of the book I made are approximately 9 x 10" long.

The characters are about 3" tall.

Print the images provided in the size you would like and cut the pieces from felt in the same colours.

Step 2: Sewing the Pages

Sew the background details onto the main page.
Sew the details onto the main pockets (ships, trees, etc.) By hand or with a sewing machine. Next, sew the zippers into place. Position the main pieces a bit to the open side of the book so that there is room left to bind it. The pages without zippers have open spaces for pockets to hide the characters. Simply don't sew all the way around the piece to make the pocket. Some characters are attached by snaps, so make sure to attach the snaps through all the layers of the felt to make them strong. The Jabba page has multiple snaps to add as decoration. The female side will be attached to the page.
To sew the small details onto the felt, you can use a glue stick to secure pieces as you sew with your machine. I added some decorative stitches to some of the pages for detail.

Step 3: Sewing the Characters

The bodies are all little rounded triangle shapes. Sew the bodies first, making sure to attach the details before using a blanket stitch to attach the front and back. Leave a space open as you sew to stuff the characters with cotton batting. Sew the details onto the heads next. I used seed beads for the eyes and some decorative parts. Sew the heads from the neck opening where it will be attached to the body. Stuff it and insert the body at the neck and continue the blanket stitch, sitching through the body as you sew.
On some of the characters I painted rosy cheeks by dry brushing a bit of pink paint onto the areas. For the characters with snaps, make sure the snaps are attached before assembling the bodies.
Oola: zig zag stitch on machine to make mesh top (fill an area of fabric before cutting out the body)
Leia: braided strips of felt and wrapped it for the buns
Darth Vader, Luke, and Ewoks: used pipe cleaners for sabres/spears
Guido: used French knots for texture on skin

Step 4: Binding the Book

Cut a blank piece of black felt for the back of the cover. Cut 2 pieces of 1.5 x 3" felt. Sew a male snap to one side of one of the pieces. Cover the raw edge of the snap with the other piece of felt and sew all the way around. Place this piece with the non snap edge on the open edge of the back cover and snap edge facing the binding and sew vertically 1cm in, making sure the snap side is facing up. Fold the flap over and sew it down.
Sew the cover to the book. I added the small text by hand with the text written on tissue paler. I put the paper on the cover, pinned it down, stitched through the paper and felt, and tore the paper away when done. Add the female snap to the center of the open edge of the cover.
To attach the pages so that they can turn nicely, cut 1" wide, 7.5" long strips of felt. Choose how you want your pages to be laid out. Cut one blank piece of felt for the back of the cover page. Place your first and second pages back to back and one strip of felt on either side where they will bind. Sew all the way around the pages. Put your next pages back to back, adding one strip to the binding as done previously, and one end of the previously seen page edge against page 2 and sew around the pages. Continue like this until all of the pages are combined. These strips allow the pages to lie flat when opened and for the book to take on a symmetrical shape when closed (sewing all pages tightly would make the binding edge tighter than the open edge).
For the final binding, cut a piece of black felt 2.5" wide and as long as your book. Place this against the binding edge of the cover and blank page for the back of the cover and sew together. Fold the binding around the back and fold the last edge under, pinning it down. Use an invisible stitch to finish it off.

That's it! You're done! You can enjoy this book with children who don't put things in their mouths (or supervise while using with smaller children).

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Please comment if you made this project or if you have any questions about assembly. If you don't want to make a book, you can use the same idea to make ships instead by just seeing a back piece onto the ships.

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