Introduction: How to Make a Seed Card

I had always had the problem of were to put my information on the plants I was growing in my garden. I had tried notebooks but you couldn't add any pictures due to the small size and would be hard to find the information I needed. Then I came up with the seed card. Its just a 12x8 in. piece of construction paper that can be easily hanged up ( if punched in with a hole puncher ) and is easy to read, and has straightforward information that when a problem develops in the garden you can easily find and solve. You can also instantly see also the type of crop you are growing to because you just have your seed packet right on the seed card.

Step 1: Materials

All the materials listed can be found in most any home or office
scissors (optional)
ruler (optional)
hole puncher
seed packet
white construction paper

Step 2: Cutting

Cut to a size you feel comfortable with. For me it is 12x8 inches and through trial and error I found it to be the best size of seed card. You can do any size you want as long as you feel comfortable with it and can still fit in the place you plan to store it in.

Step 3: Writing

Before you tape the seed packet, write down on the seed card any information you might need from the seed packet. If you want to be a little lazy you can just take off the seed packet when you need it but you must tape again and its harder to see the information you need. Save some work ahead of you and just write it down (trust me it's a lot easier).

Tip: I found it was a lot easier to write down any information by making lines from a ruler plus its neater and saves time.

Step 4: Tape

Place your seed packet on the top left hand corner (tape all corners of seed packet)

(Could cause the seed packet to rip if you try to pull it out from the seed card also if seeds are left over they could spill from the ripping)

Step 5: Hole Punch

Put a hole into the center of the seed card. Will be able to hang up easier in the garage ounce you've finished and if you make several seed cards it might be almost like a book ounce you hang up enough.

Step 6: Conclusion

Now you have your very own seed card which will keep you organized, it will make it easier to find the information you need, can be hanged up on any bulletin board or garage, and securely holds any of your seeds. I hope you like your new seed card as much as i do!

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