Introduction: How to Make a T-shirt Pillowcase

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This is an Instructable on how to Make a pillowcase out of a favorite T-shirt.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the materials you will be needing...

1. A cotton T-shirt (I used a old camp T-shirt that does not fit)
2. Scissors
3. A handful of sowing pins
4. Thread
5. A sowing machine
6. A Pillow in need of a case

Step 2: Sleeves

Now that you have gathered your supplies, you can start on your pillowcase...

A. To start off fold your T-shirt inside out.
(so that you can not see the logo)

B. Then, pin one of the sleeves of your shirt at the seem as in picture 2.

C. Now,(with a sewing machine) you will need to stitch along were you've pinned your shirt as in picture 3.

D. Next remove any unwanted thread from the sleeve and your sleeve should look like picture 4.

E. Finally repeat steps B. C. and D. for the other sleeve.

Step 3: Collar

A. After you have finished sewing both sleeves, (with you T-shirt still inside out) you will need to line up both sides of the collar so that they are equal as in picture 1.

B. Next pin the collar down, along the seem as in picture 2.

C. Then stitch the collar up (with your sewing machine) along the pins.

D. Once you have finished sewing the collar together it should look like picture 3.

E. Now fold your shirt right side out.
(so you can see the logo, but no seems)

Step 4: The Last Step

Your almost done with your T-shirt pillow case. but there is one last step...
Stuff the pillow in it's new case!

Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back, because you have just made (or found out how to make) your very own T-shirt pillowcase!

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