How to Make a Tape-r Airplane

Introduction: How to Make a Tape-r Airplane

Tape is an everyday object. There are soooo many uses for tape. I however, decided to try something new. A tape-r airplane. This airplane which I created looks better made with tape than with normal paper and its nose does not get damaged like paper. In this Instructable, you will find out how to make a tape-r airplane.

Step 1: Materials

Simple. You will need packing tape, scissors, paper, and a ruler.

Step 2: Measurments

First off, you will need to measure how wide the paper is, how long the paper is and how wide your tape is to figure out how many pieces of tape you will need. You will want your pieces to be at least a little longer and wider than your paper.

Step 3: Getting Started

Stretch out some tape and cut a piece slightly longer than your piece of paper lenghtwise. Lay your first strip on your paper sticky side up. Cut your other pieces and lay them side by side next to your first one. You'll want to make there are no spaces in between the strips.

Step 4: Now the Width

Now, cut a piece for the width of the paper. Take that strip and lay it over the others sticky side down starting at the bottom. Cut another and lay just above the first one. Keep doing this until you have your tape-r and no sticky spots. You should have have a clear piece of tape-r that is not stuck to your paper and has no sticky spots.

Step 5: Trimming

Now you'll want to trim all the excess tape so that your tape-r measures the size of the paper . Your tape-r should look something near the one in the picture.

Step 6: Folding

I used paper to show you what folds to make. If I had showed the pics of me folding my tape-r you wouldn't have seen it because they are pretty much invisible. I call this the dart plane because when I made it out of tape, it spun like a dart.

1. Fold in half length wise, unfold.

2. Fold corners to the center crease. Use tape to keep it from popping up.

3. Fold the edges along the crease again. Add tape.

4. Now fold it in half. Make a circle of tape and stick it at the bottom of your fold.

5. Now make wings. Fold the sides down and hold them down and put tape over the top to keep wings from separating.

Step 7: When Done

When you are done it should look similar to the one I made. When I flew mine I got some pretty cool spins. Now you can fly a paper airplane and a tape-r airplane and see which one flies better.

Step 8: Conclusion

In conclusion this is somewhat simple if you've got the hang of it. This airplane is very fun. I think that flying it using the wing works better .Good luck and thanks for reading my instructable.

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