Introduction: How to Make a Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

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Hi, today I am going to teach you how to make a triple single rainbow loom bracelet. This is my second instructable. Thanks for viewing it!


  1. A loom.
  2. A hook.
  3. Colored rubber bands.

Step 1: Getting Your Supplies

You are going to need: 24 black bands, 4 orange bands, 4 yellow bands, 4 green bands, 4 blue bands, 4 purple bands, and 5 red bands(one for finishing it).

Step 2: Putting Your Bands On

First, make sure the arrow is pointing up. Then, gather up your bands and do the first row bottom to top. Do the same with the middle and last row. Then, make upside down triangles as shown in one of the pictures. Make sure that you skip the very bottom pegs.

Step 3: Looming the Bands

After you have done step two, Make sure you turn the loom around so the arrow is pointing down. Then, stick your loom into the first peg on the left and then pull it up and over to the next peg. Make sure you ALWAYS loom the bottom band. Do this for the rest of the row. Then do it to the middle row and then the next row.

Step 4: Putting Bands on the Middle Peg

When you are done looming, you have to put the bands on the top left and right pegs on the middle. Make sure that you do the left peg first, then the right peg.

Step 5: Taking Off the Bracelet

To take off the bracelet, you must put your hook through the top middle peg and then grab the last band, pulling your hook out. Then you put the other side of the band onto the hook. Then you can safely pull off your bracelet. Make sure that you do not pull too hard, because if you do, the bands can break.

Step 6: Closing Up Your Bracelet

To close up your bracelet, you need a c clip or an s clip. In this instructable I am using a c clip, which is shown on my finger, to close up the bracelet. First, get your bracelet. You should do the purple side first. Then the red side.

Step 7: Enjoy!

After you have been through this, this is your result. I hope this was useful to you, as this is my second instructable. Comment down below if you liked this instructable. Thanks!

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