Introduction: How to Make a Very Berry Breakfast

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Today I'm showing you how to make a very berry breakfast. Complete with strawberry milk, blueberry waffles, and berry syrup. It's a very tasty breakfast for those who don't like regular waffles or pancakes. (Like me) it's kinda like a treat. And that's why it tastes so good.

Step 1: Strawberry Milk

What you need:
A cup
Strawberry syrup of any brand
A spoon

Step 2:

Pour the milk into your cup and add strawberry syrup. Don't put too much in because the flavor can be overwhelming.

Step 3:

Get your spoon and mix the syrup into your milk. Then taste it. If it's not enough put a little more in so it tastes like strawberries.

Step 4: Waffles or Pancakes

Choose some walffles you want and make them accourding to the box. I'm making blueberry waffles. If you want you can even use a blueberry muffin mix. (That's what I did) it makes the waffles taste really good. Or if you want to make pancakes. As soon as they come out of the waffle iron put butter on the one(s) you want to eat.

Step 5: Syrup

For syrup I'm using berry syrup. It's very tasty and sweet. If you want you can use maple syrup. Maple syrup is very tasty too. But just pour it on like you would do any waffle or pancake. But if you somehow have in a cottage cheese container like I do, then get another spoon. Unless your the only one using the syrup. Pick up the container and hold it over the waffle or pancake. Then use your spoon and scoop the syrup into those like squares in the waffles until they're all filled in. If you have pancakes then just pour it over until it looks like you have enough.

Step 6:

After that it's time for the thing that makes the waffle/pancake taste really good. Whipped cream. Make sure you shake it up before you spray it on.

Step 7: Your Done

Yay your just made the best breakfast ever! It's tastes really sweet and good! Enjoy!
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